El amor como viene así mismo se va…
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Rekindling Creativity Through Sculpture with @skl0_

To see more of Sam’s creative endeavors, both sculptural and beyond, follow @skl0_ on Instagram.

“My earlier work was mostly based on self-taught design and street installations with wheat paste and stencils,” explains Singapore artist Sam Lo (@skl0_), whose photos showcase the diversity of her creative interests. “But lately I have fallen in love with sculpting, tattoos, watercolor and the aerosol can all over again.”

“My love for sculpting started just a little under a year ago,” she says. “I hit a creative drought and was looking for a medium I could really connect to as an artist.” Sculpting has exposed Sam to new sources of inspiration—like the world of designer toys—but has also come with another benefit: “I find the whole process really meditative.”

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No valoramos lo perfecto, amamos lo imperfecto

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Para, mira, escucha

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